Is your mouth watering?

Imagine tasting it, then.

Each panettone goes through a 72 hours leavening process

That’s how the magic is created.

Made with just a few ingredients, all high-quality and Italian of course,

like natural yeast, flour, sugar and butter, plus specially sourced candied fruits,

or artisan crafted fillings, depending on the flavour.

Masters in Panettone Making since 1902

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Whichever panettone you choose,

you’ll taste this process.

You will also taste the difference,

especially if you’re used to supermarket options.

About the Makers: Borsari

– In 1902, Tiziano Golfetti decides to open a pastry shop/bakery in Porta Borsari. 

– Inspired by the location, he names the shop Borsari. That’s how the Borsari legacy starts.

– With time, Golfetti shop becomes known for the delicious ‘Pandoro Veronese’ and other leavened breads – from panettone to Easter colomba.

– The shop grows into an international company. And in 2010, Golfetti decides to pass the business to an Italian multinational, who will grow it even further. That’s Muzzi.

The Muzzi Family
preserves Tiziano
Golfetti's delicious

Porta Borsari Verona

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Classic Fruit Panettone Boxed

classic panettone in a box

A traditional panettone cake with candied fruit that’s extra fluffy and tasty, and beautifully hand wrapped for that truly artisan feel.

The raisins come from Turkey, and the candied cedar from South America. The rest, lemon and oranges, are hand picked in Italy.

Beautifully presented, perfect to enjoy at home or gift.

Panettone with Dark Chocolate

Imagine biting into a slice of fluffy, soft and sweet panettone and meeting those tasty dark chocolate chips.

As you keep biting and eating, the flavours will create a symphony for your taste buds.

This Dark Chocolate Panettone cake is ideal for fondente chocolate lovers. 

Beautifully presented, perfect to gift.

Pistachio Panettone

pistachio panettone

If you love pistachios, this one is for you.

A fluffy, soft and sweet panettone filled with a tasty pistachio cream.

Topped with fragrant ground pistachios and dark chocolate chips. 

The pistachios used are the famous ones from Bronte, in Sicily.

Beautifully boxed, perfect for you or to gift.

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Panettone with Limoncello Cream

This one is made with candied peels and limoncello cream filling.

You get the traditional panettone cake with that’s extra fluffy and tasty, paired with a tasty and slightly boozy Limoncello cream.

The limoncello is made with only Italian lemons.

Beautifully presented, perfect to enjoy at home or gift.

Classic Pandoro from Verona

pandoro cake

Delicious melt-in-your mouth Pandoro cake from the Masters of Panettone in the Veneto Region of Italy.

Each Pandoro cake takes 72 hours to make. That means you can expect a soft, sweet, and buttery cake that melts in your mouth.

Comes with a bag of the iconic sugar sprinkle on the top.

Beautifully boxed, perfect to gift.

Mini Panettone & Pandoro Set

mini panettone and pandoro set

Want to taste them all, or many of them?

This mini panettone set of 4 is sweet in all senses. Kids will adore the mini individual portions, and you can also serve this as a single serving dessert.

The set includes: a Pandoro, a Classic Panettone, a Chocolate Panettone, and a Pear and Chocolate one.

Beautifully boxed, perfect to gift.

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