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In search of the finest Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ireland? 

Your quest stops here.

Experience the unmatched goodness of our Novello EVOO.


This is it – the final batch from this year’s harvest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to treat your taste buds with an exceptionally fresh EVOO that also offers health benefits.

Act now! Once it’s gone, we’ll have to wait until November 2024 for the next batch.



What’s so special about Novello?

You might be thinking: why wait a year for an extra virgin olive oil, what’s the hype with this Novello?..

Here’s why briefly:

While our Belmorso EVOO is already very high-quality, Novello is fresher, is alive, and you can taste all

of that plus benefit from all the nutritional properties it has.


Novello is not only a delicious extra virgin olive oil but also a healthy elixir that can be taken as a natural supplement to fight the worst nasties.

It’s fresh, fruity, and a little peppery. It has a ticker and cloudy texture, because it’s unfiltered to retain all the goodness and cut down the processing.

olive trees
pouring evoo

Is Novello for you, though?

Novello is a product to try at least once, then you can decide whether to keep buying it every year.

Novello is perfect for you if you are big on natural health, or just doing your best to stay healthy.

So you could just buy it to take a tablespoon a day as a supplement.



You could also buy it to elevate your cooking, daily or on special occasions.

It’s delicious enjoyed as a dipping oil with fresh artisan bread.

It’s also amazing drizzled on pasta, salads, meats, fish, and veggies.

And it’s fantastic to take your baking to another level.



You can get Novello for Christmas Gifts.

Novello is one of those gifts that will have the receiver remember you every time they drizzle it.

You could gift it as a gourmet kitchen staple, or as a natural health aid, or both.


It’s for you if you want something this special..

Novello tablespoon

2022 will be my fourth year enjoying Novello EVOO from Taste with Gusto. This is a beautiful EVOO which in the past has had a mild peppery aftertaste, which is suited perfectly to dressing any salad you choose. I would recommend Novello EVOO to anyone who enjoys excellent quality olive oil.


Is Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil worth the higher price?

Isn’t it?

You are getting a 2 in 1 product: a tasty & fresh EVOO + a natural supplement.

This oil is produced artisanally with local grown olives, and comes to you right after pressing.

It’s exclusive, limited production, and only available this time of the year.


If that’s not enough for you to justify the higher price, then consider it a health investment.

Wouldn’t you be happy to spend more on a supplement that does the job?

Well, Novello is that supplement, only a natural one.


If you don’t believe us, you might believe the 

and the many other scientific sources.

Keep reading.

Mike Loves It

Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Support Your Wellbeing

The Healthline states here that a high quality fresh EVOO can help prevent, reduce, or fight the following ailments & diseases.

If you want to take EVOO as a natural supplement, make sure you are not using a supermarket one.

All the time that’s been sitting on the shelf, plus all the processing have killed any nutritional properties.

A tablespoon of Novello a day..

1. According to WebMD a single tablespoon provides 13% of vitamin E and 9% of vitamin K (read it here) of your daily recommended values.

2. A tablespoon of EVOO a day mixed in water can help you be more regular, without any nasty taste or side effects. This study even suggests rubbing it on your abdomen, other than taking it.

3. A high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Novello can also be applied on skin (see here) to fill it with nutrients and hydration, and also serve as a natural lubricant.

4. Novello is heart healthy thanks to its high quantity of antioxidants and good fats (link). That combined with the vitamin k positive affect on circulation, can do small wonders.

5. If you are big on gut health, you may appreciate the fact that Novello can help keep your natural bacteria levels healthy thanks to its natural antibacterial properties (see here).

6. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory food that you can enjoy safely while savouring your meals. Science Direct even says that it can help with the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

7. A fresh EVOO like Novello might also help preventing awful diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer, and Strokes (see here).

Why not reap all these benefits with just a tablespoon a day? You have nothing to lose, just a lot of taste to add to your meals.


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