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Summer Balsamic Offer Begins

balsamic vinegar offer

June Balsamic Sale Is On

For us Italians, Summer means more tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic.
Join the fun, and indulge in tasty, fresh and guilt-free Summer meals. 
Stock up your pantry with great balsamic pairings & save.
Do it now, as each pairing will be on offer shortly!
We’ve planned 10 incredibly delicious balsamic pairings that are perfect for every palate.
We’ll announce the new pairing on offer every Tuesday and Friday, so make sure to open our emails.
There you will find the pairings & the discount to use at checkout.
Every Tuesday, throughout June, we’ll send you a sweet email sharing the pairing and the discount code
+ tasty ideas on how to use the balsamic vinegars on offer.
Below are all the pairings with their discount code and offer periods.
If Pairing One Your Favourite, Shop it now.
Use discount CLASSICO at checkout. 
PS: You can use only one discount code per order. 
The discount code is valid only on the indicated balsamic vinegars.
If you are shopping from Ireland, you get free delivery on orders over €50.

10 Incredible Balsamic Pairings At 15% Off

balsamic pairing 1

The Classic Bestsellers Everyone Needs To Try.

Pairing: IGP Platinum, Prelibato White, Saporoso 6 Yrs Old

15% off Coupon: CLASSICO

On offer: 30 May – 6 June

For Those Who Appreciate Lighter Flavours.

Pairing: Prelibato White & Rose

15% off Coupon: CHIARO

On offer: 4 – 11 June

Two Bestsellers Perfect for Sweet & Savoury Summer Dishes.

Pairing: IGP Platinum & Gold

15% off Coupon: GRANDE

On offer: 6 – 13 June

balsamic pairing 4

Your Summer Every Day Meals & Barbecue Nights are covered.

Pairing: Barbecue Balsamic & New Belmorso IGP

15% off Coupon: NUOVO

On offer: 6 – 13 June

Two Summer Nights Balsamic Essentials.

Pairing: Fig Balsamic Condiment + Barbecue Balsamic Sauce

15% off Coupon: ESTATE

On offer: 11 – 18 June

balsamic pairing 6

For Those Who Want Something Extra Special.

Pairing: Saporoso Reserve & Prelibato Reserve

15% off Coupon: RISERVA

On offer: 13 – 20 June

balsamic pairing 7

Light & Bright – Perfect for Refreshing Summer Dishes.

Pairing: Fig Balsamic Condiment & Prelibato White

15% off Coupon: FRESCO

On offer: 18 – 25 June

balsamic pairing 8

A White & a Dark Balsamic Vinegar – For Those With an Elegant Palate.

Pairing: Prelibato White Balsamic & 12 Yrs Old Traditional Aged

15% off Coupon: TRADIZIONE

On offer: 20 – 27 June

balsamic pairing 9

Perfect For The Summer Season – Dark, Barbecue & White Balsamic.

Pairing: Platinum IGP, Barbecue Balsamic, Acino Bianco

15% off Coupon: ESTIVO

On offer: 25 – 30 June

balsaamic pairing 10

Try The Three Bestsellers & Find Your Favourite.

Pairing: Platinum IGP, Gold IGP, Silver IGP Balsamic Vinegars of Modena

15% off Coupon: TRIO

On offer: 25 – 30 June

How it works: 
Just add the products in the pairing you like to your cart,
and use the discount code for that pairing at checkout
to save 15% off. Each code will only be active during the
period indicated under each pairing.

Save this page for reference.
Don’t forget to keep checking our emails for a bonus discount..

What Others Say About Our Balsamic Vinegars Of Modena

"Brings my salads to life and tastes beautiful.."
Joy Semple
"I find this product adds a delicate kiss of sweetness to every dish."
"I had it with Sea Bass and it was fab."
Margaret Carroll

Masters In Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Not every balsamic vinegar is made the same.
If you want the best of the best, look no further.
That’s why we stock just Malpighi.

  1. The Malpighi Family has been in the business of making balsamic vinegars of Modena since 1850.

  1. The producer is IGP and DOP certified, which means this balsamic is truly a high quality balsamic vinegar of Modena.
    They also won prestigious awards like the Monde Selection Gold Award, the Emilia Romagna Food Awards, and the
    Luxury Lifestyle Award.

  1. The grapes used to make all their balsamic vinegars, including Prelibato, are grown on their family estate in the
    Modena countryside

  1. They only use the best parts of the grapes to make the balsamic vinegars, but don’t worry, as nothing goes to waste.

  2. The current president, 5th in line, is Massimo Malpighi. He is a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, sits
    on the Board of Directors of the Consortia for the protection and safeguarding of the authentic Balsamic Vinegar of
    Modena, and he is a teacher at IFSE – the only culinary school in Italy to be recognized as an Italian excellence.

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